Going Electric


Our vehicles use a range of creative techologies to deliver outstanding performance and a powerful experience for our customers.


Advancements in technology have revolutionised the electric vehicles industry, making electric vehicles an affordable and real option.


Volt motorcycles are economically efficient without sacrificing speed or performance. Our vehicles are clean with no CO2 emissions and have lower maintenance costs compared to petrol equivalents. Thereare fewer moving parts in electric vehicles andservicing is not required as often. There are no internal gears, vaves, radiators, filters and other systems which require regular maintenance.


  • Our models have the added benefit that they can be charged at home, at  work, or anywhere using a standard domestic socket.
  • As  electric vehicles do not require fuel,they ar not impacted by global fluctuations in fuel prices.
  • Electric motorcycles and scooters help to alleviate congestion in urban areas, enabling higher volumes of people to commute in less time.
  • There are many government incentives (depending on your country) available to electric vehicle customers.